Receiving Holy Communion

Every so often it does us well to reflect on how we receive Holy Communion—individually and as a community. When we arrive just before we stand before the Minister of Holy Communion, we make a reverent bow to acknowledge that we are about to receive Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist. We present ourselves confidently to the Minister with our hands placed clearly in front of us. When the Minister places the Host on our hands, we step to the side and IMMEDIATELY consume the Host. We then make the Sign of the Cross.

If we proceed to the Minister of the Chalice, we take the Chalice with both hands, sip from the Chalice and return it to the Minister, who wipes the edge of the Chalice clean. Note that INTINCTION is NOT practised in our Diocese.

If you receive the Host on the tongue, then please place your head forwards with your tongue in such a position that the Minister can place the Host on the tongue without touching the tongue. This is not only a matter of reverence but, also of hygiene for all.

If the Host falls onto the floor, it is the responsibility of the Minister to pick it up.
Everyone has the responsibility to be reverent during Mass, especially when receiving Holy Communion.

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