Summary Notes 1 | Lumen Christi Pastoral Region Discernment

Any parishioners who wish to make their views known (and have not as yet done so), may contact the Office in writing or per telephone. All responses become part of the discernment and are forwarded to the Bishop.

At the March AGA, 96% of parishioners supported the proposal to continue the process of consultation. At SJV, 84% of parishioners present supported the proposal to merge their parish into a new parish; 100% of parishioners present at SBG supported the proposal to merge their parish into a new parish; 100% of parishioners present at SFX supported the proposal to merge their parish into a new parish. An additional 20 parishioners have submitted their support for the merger proposal; 3 have indicated their opposition.

Three letters were received prior to the consultation meetings expressing their opposition to the proposal. Two letters indicated support. To date, 21 parishioners phoned in to express their support for the proposal.

The main argument against the proposal centred on the loss of a parish identity and a break with the continuity of a parish’s history. Some persons indicated a fear of the unknown!
The main argument supporting the proposal centred on the advantages of doing things more efficiently and better with the limited resources available to us and the change in the peoples’ worship habits and the reduced number of priests in the diocese.

What will not change:
• The mission of the Church will continue to be paramount
• The patronal name of each of the four churches
• The name of each of the two parish schools
• The unique identity of each community continuing to organize its liturgies: sacristans, ministers of the altar, ushers, flowers and cleaning rosters ....
• The rotation of priests between the four churches
• The operations at the office with volunteers coming from the church communities
• The Pastoral Associate will continue to coordinate sacramental programs, catechists and visitors of the sick for each community
• One Pastoral Council with representatives from each church community
• One bulletin and one website; the continued sharing of personnel and resources.

What will change:
• One Finance Council with representatives from each community
• One set of finance books to be audited by one auditor
• The name of the Pastoral Region—Lumen Christi Catholic Parish Wollongong
• One parish seal

At the 1st June Meeting, the Pastoral Council endorsed the overwhelming support indicated at the consultation and discernment meetings.
The Plenary Meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th June at 7pm in the Fr McCormack Hall, Fairy Meadow.

Thanks to Peter Mowbray leading us through this process thus far. Peter has brought with him great expertise in this project.

The Bishop’s Council of Priests will be discerning this matter at its next meeting. This is a canonical requirement.

The Bishop, having listened to the voices of the various stakeholders, then makes his decision.

In this month of June when we celebrate the diocesan patronal feast, we ask the Immaculate Heart of Mary to guide us along this journey. Fr Ron Adm

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