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Postal plebiscite on “same-sex marriage”

Postal plebiscite on “same-sex marriage” The Australian Government has announced there will be a postal plebiscite on whether the definition of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 should be changed to include “same-sex marriage”. Ballot papers will be sent out to households on Tuesday, 12 September and all votes must be received back by Tuesday, 7 November.

To keep marriage as a unique relationship between a woman and a man, vote “NO”. See

What you can do?

Support and follow the campaign by signing up at
Vote “NO” in the plebiscite

If we vote NO in the plebiscite:
We send a strong message on family, faith and freedom
Parents can continue to teach their children about their own beliefs about gender, sexuality and marriage.
We wind the right to civil debate where political correctness has previously intimidated many into silence.

If we vote YES in the plebiscite:
We erode our freedom to civil debate; people speaking up against same-sex marriage are being silenced.
We erode our freedom to religion: this will affect what faith leaders will be able to preach, what schools will be able to teach, and how everyday Australians will be able to conduct their businesses in accordance with their beliefs.
If we redefine marriage in law, Christian schools will be obliged, by anti-discrimination law, to teach children about LGBTIQ concepts which contravene parents’ belief.

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