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During the Easter Vigil ceremony, the priest enters a darkened church with the newly lit Paschal Candle. He acclaims three times, “Christ our Light” and the Congregation welcomes the Light singing, “Thanks be to God”.

In our churches in the Pastoral Region, the priest sings this antiphon in Latin, “Lumen Christi”. This is the title given to our Pastoral Region comprising the three parishes of Wollongong, FairyMeadow/Balgownie and Gwynneville.

We are an Easter Church! At our Baptism we receive a baptismal candle lit from the Paschal Candle. The priest says to the newly baptized, “Keep the flame of faith burning bright in your life”. This is what we strive to do every day of our lives.

Welcome to our website. I hope that you encounter an Easter Church as you uncover the many aspects of our Pastoral Region faith communities which endeavour to live Christ’s Great Commission to go to all peoples, to baptize and to teach them His Good News [Matthew 28: 18-20].

Take the Light of Christ with you.

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22 Oct
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22 Oct
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