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We are called to reveal the Light of Christ to the world.




Monday  Mass: 7am
Tuesday  Mass: 7am
Wednesday  Mass: 7am
   Confessions: 11:30am
   Mass: 12.10pm  
 Thursday  Mass: 7am  
 Friday  Mass: 7am
   Adoration: 11:30am
   Confessions: 11:30am
   Mass: 12.10pm
Saturday Confessions: 11:00 - 12.00pm
Sunday   Mass: 7am, 10.30am & 5pm
Thursday  Mass: 9.30am
Saturday Mass: 5.30pm
Sunday Mass: 9am
Fairy Meadow
Tuesday Mass: 9.30am
Thursday Mass: 9.30am (Italian); Mass: 5.30pm
Sunday  Mass: 8.30am
  Mass: 10am (Italian)
  Mass: 4.30pm (Vietnamese)
Sunday Mass: 10am

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  • Join Bishop Brian and parishes for the worldwide consecration of Ukraine and Russia to Mary
    Join Bishop Brian and parishes for the worldwide consecration of Ukraine and Russia to Mary The Holy Father, Pope Francis, has announced that at 6:30pm (Rome time) on Friday 25 March, the feast of The Annunciation of the Lord, he will make a “solemn act of consecration of humanity, and especially of Russia and Ukraine, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that she, the Queen of Peace, may obtain peace for the world.” Pope Francis has asked all the bishops of the world to join him in making the same consecration in union with him. The Holy Father is also encouraging parish priests to do the same in union with him and the bishops…
  • Bishop's Flood Relief Appeal 2022
    My Sisters and Brothers in Christ My prayers and thoughts are with you all as this flood disaster continues. In recent days we have had towns in our diocese cut off; a number of our schools closed, non-operational or on alert; church buildings and agency offices affected by flooding and heavy rain; and clergy, staff, families, students and friends from our extended community experiencing another trauma. And while the rain is set to ease, authorities are warning it doesn’t mean the state’s flooding emergency is over. In a heartfelt video message to his flock, Greg Homeming OCD, Bishop of Lismore, said it…
  • Pope Francis calls for prayer and fasting on Ash Wednesday for Ukraine
    Pope Francis calls for prayer and fasting on Ash Wednesday for Ukraine Image: Monument to St Volodymyr overlooking the Dnipro river in Kyiv, Ukraine. We stand with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and all who want peace, and do not want to have their lives destroyed by war. As the world sits on the precipice of disaster, we need to arm ourselves with prayer. Our Ukrainian chaplain in the diocese at St Volodymyr’s Church in Wollongong, Fr Simon Ckuj, is urging us “to storm heaven with prayers!” He said, “Ukraine is a very religious country, its people have a very great sense of their faith and of the traditions of their faith.…


The Eternal Peace Grotto is a place to lay to rest the ashes of your loved ones. Located on the northern side of the historic Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral, the columbarium provides a prayerful space for our faithful departed. Read more

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