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We are called to reveal the Light of Christ to the world.

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Monday  Mass: 7am
Tuesday  Mass: 7am
Wednesday  Mass: 7am
   Confessions: 11:30am
   Mass: 12.10pm  
 Thursday  Mass: 7am  
 Friday  Mass: 7am
   Adoration: 11:30am
   Confessions: 11:30am
   Mass: 12.10pm
Saturday Confessions: 11:00 - 12.00pm
Sunday   Mass: 7am, 10.30am & 5pm
Thursday  Mass: 9.30am
Saturday Mass: 5.30pm
Sunday Mass: 9am
Fairy Meadow
Tuesday Mass: 9.30am
Thursday Mass: 9.30am (Italian)
Sunday  Mass: 8.30am
  Mass: 10am (Italian)
  Mass: 4.30pm (Vietnamese)
Sunday Mass: 10am

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  • What is the Advent Wreath?
    What is the Advent Wreath? The Advent Wreath is a liturgical symbol of Advent. It is made up of four candles: 3 violet and 1 rose. The violet candles represent our journey of renewing our hearts through repentance and turning towards God and the birth of His Son, Jesus. The rose candle is used on the 3rd Sunday and represents joy. This Sunday is sometimes called ’Rejoice Sunday’. Rose is a mixture of violet, the colour of preparation and purification and white the colour of glory and joy. Thus, the Third Sunday of Advent is a mixture of penance and anticipation of the joy of…
    ADVENT RECONCILIATION &amp; CHRISTMAS TIMETABLE ADVENT RECONCILIATION Mater Dolorosa Church Sunday 10th December after the 10am Mass St John Vianney Co-Cathedral Tuesday 12th December after the 9.30am Mass St Brigid’s Church Thursday 14th December after the 9.30am Mass St Francis Xavier CathedralFriday 15th December 11am –12pm (2nd Rite)Friday 15th December 6pm – 7pmEvery Saturday 11am – 12pm  CHRISTMAS TIMETABLE 4th Sunday of Advent, Saturday 23rd December 2023St Brigid’s Church Gwynneville 5.30pm 4th Sunday of Advent, Sunday 24th December 2023St Brigid’s Church Gwynneville 9amSt John Vianney Co-Cathedral 8.30am, 10am (Italian) & 4.30pm (Vietnamese) St Francis Xavier Cathedral 7am & 10.30am Christmas Eve, Sunday 24th December 2023St…


The Eternal Peace Grotto is a place to lay to rest the ashes of your loved ones. Located on the northern side of the historic Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral, the columbarium provides a prayerful space for our faithful departed. Read more

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Your WEEKLY CONTRIBUTION TO THE FIRST AND SECOND PARISH COLLECTIONS is vital to our parish communities. To make a contribution go to our parish website www.lumenchristi.org.au/Support

If you wish to make a donation directly into our bank account, the details are:

LUMEN CHRISTI PARISH: BSB: 066 711   Account no: 008056

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CatholicCare Wollongong Foster Care Services

At CatholicCare Wollongong’s Permanency Support Program (PSP) we’re passionate about children’s wellbeing and their right to have stable, caring families and positive childhoods so they can thrive and reach their full potential.

We’re on a mission to find more people who will make great carers and help turn a child’s life around.

Sometimes children are unable to live with their parents or families and are in need of safe, nurturing care where they are able to heal and flourish. Often these children have experienced trauma. We need carers who can share their homes and lives and make a positive impact on a child's future for a short time or a lifetime.

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